CEWASTE Presents 3 Papers at EGG 2020+

Representatives of the CEWASTE project had three papers accepted for presentation at Electronics Goes Green 2020+. The event, which this year was held online due to the coronavirus pandemic, discussed the intertwined themes of circularity, digitalization and carbon neutrality and gave a platform to CEWASTE partners from Oeko, United Nations University and World Resources Foundation to present some of the results of the research CEWASTE has been conducting.

Otmar Deubzer (United Nations University) talked delegates through how the project identified Key CRM Equipment and how current normative requirements were analyzed for stipulations that could be referenced.

Sonia Valdivia (World Resources Forum) spoke about the project’s ambition to provide a set of requirements that help to improve the recycling of critical raw materials under sustainable conditions in international value chains.

Finally, Yifaat Baron (Oeko) gave an overview of the CEWASTE assurance and verification system for the certification scheme. She noted that the assurance system details how the CEWASTE scheme is organised and specifies rules for certification bodies and auditors involved in the performance and assessment of audits and in the decisions as to when a facility is compliant and can be certified. In addition, that the verification system has been developed to support the processes addressed in the assurance scheme.

The video presentations for each of the papers are available to view through the CEWASTE YouTube Channel and the papers are available in the library section of this website; as follows:
Otmar Deubzer: video presentation & paper
Sonia Valdivia: video presentationpaper
Yifaat Baron: video presentation & paper

Thank you to the organisers of Electronics Goes Green 2020+ for allowing us to use the videos.

Project funding


This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 820859.

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