Sofies provides strategic sustainability consulting, project management and services. Using an integrative approach based on industrial ecology, Sofies successfully addresses growing environmental and socioeconomic challenges. Sofies has a proven track record of applying its innovative tailor-made solutions for corporate, public and international organizations. Sofies is a Geneva-based international group, with branches in Zurich, UK and India, with a unique expertise in WEEE management and policy-making. Sofies has a track record in 25+ countries across Europe, Asia and Africa.


Sofies has developed know-how in every aspect of WEEE management, including establishing regulations, technical standards for recycling, establishing PROs for a sustained management of WEEE, supporting in technology transfer and adoption, or the development of adapted business models for the inclusion of existing informal sectors in the collection and pre-processing of WEEE. In addition, Sofies uses different tools and methodologies to support project incubation, implementation and assessment:

  • Environmental, social and economic assessment and reporting based on life cycle approaches and tools, as well as multi-criteria analysis.
  • Technical and economic studies and investment promotion for industrial processes and value chains: opportunity and feasibility studies, market studies, benchmarking, etc.
  • Participatory and multi-stakeholders approaches, through workshop and network animation, ideation and co-creation methodologies, etc.
  • Capacity building, especially professional training programs.


  • Sofies has a proven international track record among various types of clients including large industries, SMEs, International Organizations and public bodies.

Role in the Project

Sofies will lead WP4 aimed at validating the new voluntary scheme through pilots with partner stakeholders incl. the European Electronics Recyclers Association (EERA) and the WEEE Forum. In addition, Sofies will conduct the public consultation to ensure that additional interested players will be able to sign up for pilots, including waste holders, dealers, brokers and operators of treatment facilities. Finally, Sofies will also lead the development of roadmap for the long-term sustainability of the scheme and carry out an economic and environmental assessment of the benefits of implementation of the voluntary scheme.