The World Resources Forum Association (WRFA) is an independent non-profit international organization that serves as a platform connecting and fostering knowledge exchange on resources management amongst business leaders, policy-makers, NGOs, scientists and the public. WRFA has an international reputation for its flagship conference, the World Resources Forum (WRF). The WRF conference is a platform for sharing of knowledge, creation of debate amongst all stakeholders involved in the resources management discourse and giving visibility to research findings. The WRF conference and smaller scale meetings have been annually held in Europe, Asia Pacific, Africa, and Latin America and the Caribbean.  In addition to organization of conferences, World Resources Forum is involved in multi-stakeholder dialogue projects such as the EC Horizon2020 FORAM project (Towards a World Forum on Raw Materials) (2016-2018), CICERONE project (Circular Economy Platform for European Priorities Strategic Agenda) and the ISO IWA program SRI (Sustainable Recycling Industries). Key partners of the WRFA include national governments (ministries), UNEP International Resources, Panel (UNEP IRP), UNIDO Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production Network, Chinese, Indian and, Swiss Academies of Science, Club of Rome, the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation, (CSIRO), World Business Council for Sustainable Development, GeSI (Global eSustainability Initiative), G-STIC, VITO, OVAM, the Finnish Innovation Fund SITRA and others.

Role in the Project

As the coordinator of the CEWASTE project proposal, WRFA will be leading WP6 “Project Management” and is actively involved in all other work packages. WRFA will act as the leader of WP2 which aims to define a set of “Normative requirements” for the voluntary certification scheme. In addition, by leading Task 4.3 “Consolidation of feedback from pilots” and Task 5.2 “Stakeholder participation through Advisory Board and public consultation”, WRFA will be playing a strong role in WP4 (Validation and Roadmap) and WP5 (Stakeholder Participation, Communication & Dissemination).