EERA is a non profit organisation which represents and promotes the interest of recycling companies that are treating waste from –electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE). It membership includes 35 specialist recycling companies (pre- processors and end- processors ) across 23 countries in Europe.

EERA aims for:

  • a level playing field for fair competition of all actors in the WEEE chain, by making the standards (EN 50625 series) mandatory in the member states,
  • effective and efficient processing of WEEE in order to:

    - achieve a high level and quality of material recovery,
    - assure protection of human health and safety,
    - prevent pollution and
    - minimise emissions.

  • auditable tracking of WEEE and materials throughout the treatment and re-processing chain,
  • prevention of export of any whole and untreated WEEE and hazardous sub-streams for treatment and recycling outside the European Union, unless it complies fully with all applicable European environmental, health and safety regulations,
  • strict criteria for reuse of electrical and electronic equipment.

EERA regularly publishes papers. The position and research papers can be found on the EERA website: Presentations in workshops and conferences are frequently given to express the views of the recyclers.

EERA is represented in the Steering Committees of the International Electronics Recycling Conference - IERC and the International CARE Electronics Conference. EERA is an associate member of the European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization – CENELEC.


Role in the Project

EERA is one of the key partners of the CEWASTE project and is involved in almost all work packages. More specifically EERA will be leading Task 1.3 “Gap and obstacle analysis” of WP1 and will be actively
contributing to WP4 (Validation and Roadmap). Furthermore, this partner will be supporting the project coordinator in management of the project.