2002-2007 University Stuttgart


Diploma in Business Administration Technical (Dipl. Kfm. Techn)


Specialist Product Related Environmental Protection – Design for Environment, Recycling, Material Efficiency


9 years industry experience in environmental affairs and 5 years in standardisation activities

From 2007-2009 Robert Bosch GmbH, Stuttgart, Headquarter Environmental Affairs, Health, Safety (support of various HSE activities, Project Management Design for Environment)

From 2009-2011 Bosch Thermotechnik GmbH; Wernau; Corporate Technology (integration of Design for Environment aspects into product development process, build up environmental compliance management system)

Since 2011 BSH Hausgeräte GmbH, Corporate Technoloy Environment, Resources, Occup. Safety

Chairman CENELEC TC111x Environment, since 2016

Member of CEN/CENELEC EcoCG TF4, since 2014

Member German Mirror Committee to CLC TC111x (DKE* K191), since 2014

German speaker CLC TC111x, 2014-2016

Convenor CLC TC111x WG4 (Recycling of Cooling & Freezing Equipment), 2012-2016

Co-Convenor CLC TC111x WG6 (WEEE Recycling), 2015- 2016

Member CLC TC111x WG7 (Re-Use), since 2014

Member CLC TC111x WG8 (Life Cycle Assessment), since 2015

Member of CEN/CENELEC TC10 Energy-related products – Material Efficiency Aspects for ecodesign

Chairman DKE* AK 191.0.6 (Recycling), since 2013

Member DKE* AK 191.0.2 (Matrial Efficeincy, Life Cycle Assesment), since 2014

Member DKE* GAK 191.0.1 / DIN KU-TS "Sustainable Product Design/Waste Prevention", since 2015

Chairman DIN NA 172-00-14 AA Eco-Design and Material Efficiency, since 2016

Member VDI** 2292 (Recycling of Cooling & Freezing Equipment), since 2012

Member ZVEI*** WG Product related Environmental Production; TF Waste Electrical Electronic Appliances TF Waste Large Household Appliances

Member Applia**** WG Waste & Materials; WG Resource Effiency

* German National Committee

** Standards Association of German Engineers

*** German Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers' Association

**** European Household Appliances Manufacturer’s Association